Here is a Terrific article about the importance of a Welcoming Home Entryway by Sheryl Montero of Home Care Buzz.

Take a look at your home’s entry. Step back, and ask a few questions… Does it convey your style? Is it well maintained and safe? Does it have an inviting wow factor? If your home’s front door entry looks a bit tired, uninspired, or neglected, here’s a list of impactful updates to give it the welcome feel you want to convey.

Paint your door – Make it pop! If choosing a new color intimidates you, search online for photos of painted doors.

Accessorize your door – Add a wreath that complements your home’s style and colors. Changing it with the seasons provides a fresh look all year long.

Numbers – Update your house numbers by refinishing or replacing. Have fun with where and how you place them, horizontally or vertically, on the door itself, on the surrounding trim, or on a decorative wall mount.

Door hardware – Update your door’s style and security with new hardware. Depending on the style you want, the complementary hardware could be a traditional keyway and lock assembly or one of the latest electronic locks

Door knockers – Fancy or fun, door knockers add charm to your front door. Express your style.

Doorbell – If your doorbell button needs a refresh, replace it with a finish that matches your door’s hardware, or consider updating with a video doorbell for security.

Stage your door – Frame your entry with plants and pots. The walls surrounding and near your door frame make wonderful places for adding a wall planter or outdoor art.

Doormat – Say welcome with a doormat that expresses your home’s personality. Be sure it’s large enough for the scale of your front door and entryway.

Kick plate – Refinish or replace a worn kick plate. Its purpose is functional as well as esthetic—if you update door lock hardware, don’t neglect the kick plate.

Lighting – Maintain, update, or add lighting for safety and beauty. Lanterns with battery candles add a warm and inviting light.

Source: Take your home’s entry from worn to welcome – Home Care Buzz

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