CONGRATULATIONS to my Truly Terrific Seller on the Closing of his Impressive and Adorable Home in Hazel Park!!

I am Deeply Grateful to both You and your Father for this Opportunity!! Your Confidence in my Skills as your Real Estate Professional, your Patience, Support, Hard Work, Over-the-Top Cooperation, and the Laughs we shared are All Deeply Appreciated! But Most of All, I Deeply Appreciate our New Friendship!!

I am Excited at the prospect of working with You and your Father on future ventures!

A Round of Applause, Kudos and Thanks to Keith Weber, Buyer’s Agent! It was a Genuine Pleasure to work with a True Real Estate Professional like Yourself!! Gotta Love it when Everyone Works Together to get the job done! Looking forward to another Coop Deal soon!

Once again, my Sincerest Appreciation goes out to Frank Hale and his Team at Liberty Title for ALL of your Efforts, Support, and Top-notch Service!! I couldn’t do this without All of You!

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