“I already had contacted Rick being that we work out at the same gym. So I got to know his occupation when I had engaged in a conversation with him expressing my desire to sell my home.

I had some repair done at my house and some improvements done to my house before informing him that repairs and improvements were completed. This took place over a period of several months.

When the listing and selling process was begun he kept me in the loop of the process as it went along showing me homes in the area and their selling prices and we decided on a starting point for an asking price. I saw every communication as the selling process progressed at each stage and was involved the total time. The closing went smoothly and of course the rest is history.

I would recommend Rick as the broker to contact to sell their real estate. He will keep you in the loop at every stage of the listing, selling and closing process.”

Victor, my Good Friend, I am Very Grateful for your more than Kind Words, Endorsement, and the Opportunity to be of Service! But most of all, I am Grateful for your Friendship! It was a Pleasure to work with You. We made a Great Team, and it Paid Off! I wish You nothing but the Best in your next Chapter of Life.

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