“I have known Rickey for many years and have worked with him on several community projects but until a recent sale, never worked with him on a professional level. As a trustee to an estate, I needed someone with high ethics & superior real estate skills. Rickey’s reputation as the “Best” in Madison Heights & the surrounding communities made my choice of realtors an easy decision. Rickey was outstanding with his advice in how to prepare the home for sale, sharing some of his key contacts to help me, explaining his social media marketing approach, establishing a sales price and fantastic communications throughout the sales process. I thank Rickey for all his help and highly recommend him.”

Thank You Doug for your more than Kind and Flattering Endorsement! I am Seriously Grateful for the Opportunity to work with You in handling such Heavy Undertaking!! This One took a lot of Time and Patience on your behalf to get the Home Market Ready! I am relieved that my Contacts were of assistance. From that point on, it was All About Team Work! And it Paid Off!! Thank You again, and now it’s time for You to Breath!

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