Gotta Love Collaboration ❀️

WOW! What an Over-the-Top Fun Filled and Successful Saint Patrick’s Day Party at the Madison Heights Active Adult Center πŸ’š

It was my Absolute Pleasure to Team-up with Jennifer Parker Cowan, Heather Lewis Parker, Kathleen Corbin Faulkner, and the Amazing Staff and Volunteers of the MHAAC to Co-sponsor this Event!!

A Delicious Lunch of Sheppard’s Pie, Tempura Green Beans, and Rolls was prepared by our local “Irish Tavern” at 12 Mile Road and Campbell Road. A desert of “Irish Themed”, Homemade Cookies were made by Heather and Kathleen. And let’s not forget about the Green Punch.

There was Live “Irish” Music for entertainment and singalongs!

And for further Entertainment and Fun; Horse Racing 🐎

Judging by all the Smiling Faces, I’d say that Everyone had a Wonderful Time πŸ˜ƒ

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