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Many people celebrate the return of warmer weather that spring brings about. But before you make plans to spend your days reading out on your porch or enjoying outdoor meals from your backyard patio, there are a few home maintenance projects you’ll need to think about tackling. Here are some important ones to put on your list.

1. Plant flowers and mulch trees

The first half of spring is generally a good time to work on your landscaping. Plant some shrubs or flowers to spruce up your curb appeal, and consider re-mulching your trees if you haven’t done so since last spring. Mulch isn’t just an aesthetic feature; it delivers nutrients that help your trees thrive.

2. Wash and stain your deck

If you have a wooden deck, now’s the time to prepare it for the months ahead. Rent a pressure washer to give your deck a thorough cleaning, and once it’s completely dry, paint or stain it. Doing so won’t just make it look good; it will help seal the wooden planks to prevent rot. Keep in mind that if you haven’t sanded your deck in quite some time, you may need to do so before washing, staining, or painting it.

3. Have your gutters cleaned

Winter debris can clog up your gutters, resulting in a host of unwanted damage (think leaks, rot, and exterior decay). Spring is a good time to clear out your gutters, but unless you have experience doing so, this may be a job best left for professionals — especially if you’re not comfortable with the idea of perching atop a tall ladder while physically removing muck and grime.

4. Get your sprinklers started up

If your home has a sprinkler system, you’ll want to make sure it’s working properly before the summer heat arrives. You can do so yourself or call in a sprinkler company, depending on how equipped you feel to tackle the job solo. Specifically, you’ll want to check your sprinklers for leaks, make sure your sprinkler control system is working, and examine all sprinkler heads to ensure that they’re spraying properly. In some cases, you may want to readjust your sprinklers’ spray patterns for better lawn coverage.

5. Get an air conditioning system tuneup

Though you may not be ready to start running your air conditioning system just yet, the last thing you want is for the system to fail during the heart of summer. That’s why spring is a good time to get your air conditioning system inspected and tuned up (or to do so yourself, if you have the knowledge). If you hire a company for your tuneup, they’ll make sure there’s enough coolant, inspect your system’s blowers, check your vents for any blockages, and look at your thermostat to ensure that it’s functioning properly.

Spring may be a popular time for house cleaning and decluttering, but it’s also a time when home maintenance items tend to pop up. Check these key items off your list so you’re sitting pretty once summer arrives.

Source: 5 Springtime Home Maintenance Projects to Put on Your Radar | Millionacres

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