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Does your home need a little love and attention? A well-kept home creates an inviting, relaxing, well-functioning environment. And maintaining a home pays off in tangible (it adds to a home’s long-term value) and intangible ways (you love being in your home).

Need motivation to keep up with the upkeep and maintain that love-your-home feeling? Try this: Think about how your home would be perceived if you put it on the market to sell. That perspective can help keep your to-do list from becoming overwhelming and ultimately, expensive. So take a proactive approach now and show your home some love with these five easy tips:


1. Make That First Impression

When you enter a well-kept home, what do you notice? Things are neat, in good repair, and you can easily move through the house. Surfaces are clutter-free and clean. Look at your home through the same lens. Start by removing items that create visible clutter, such as too many books and old magazines, knickknacks, unnecessary throw pillows, and so on. Then tackle the bigger issues like functionality and efficient traffic flow. This may require a bit of moving things around, like the furniture and rugs.


2. Out with the Old

Give your home’s storage areas some room to breathe. Whether you have recently moved into a new home, or you’ve been living there for years, take time to sell, donate, or recycle items that no longer serve you. From expired food to outdated fashion and technology – purge your cabinets, closets, and consoles of things you don’t use. They are taking up valuable space.


3. Green It Up

Houseplants can bring freshness to any room in your home. They can be incorporated in so many ways, including decorative pots, wall planters, and hanging globes. Fresh herbs in the kitchen can be beautiful and fragrant, as well as practical. Choose the right plant for the right space to keep maintenance at a minimum.


4. Get Ahead of the Curve

Give your home the time and care it needs. Use a home maintenance checklist and stay on top of seasonal maintenance. Regular home maintenance will add to the comfort, beauty, and efficiency of your home. And if you ever do decide to sell, keeping a well-maintained home as well as a home maintenance log both can add to your home’s value.


5. If It’s Broke, Fix It

Tackle little repairs before they become big repairs, from squeaks and creaks to moisture and leaks. For home systems and appliances, use your home warranty for covered breakdowns.

Don’t have a home warranty? Consider purchasing a home warranty before breakdowns occur, so you’ll be ready when covered items fail.


Keep It Going

When you make these five tips part of your regular home maintenance routine, they help you keep feeling the love every day, whether your home is a place you might sell someday, or you’ve found your forever home.

Source: 5 Easy Ways to Give Your Home Some Love

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