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Many of us hold off on doing any renovations or updates to our home because we don’t want to spend the money. Oftentimes, those updates don’t happen until we’re getting ready to sell our house – which is sad, because it means you don’t get to enjoy the updates yourself. When it comes to the master bath, it’s often the last place that gets done, period, because we so often focus on kitchens and spaces that guests more commonly see. But, you deserve to luxuriate in that sparkling new tub and gaze at those pretty countertops now – not just on your way out the door to another home. And that’s only one reason to start updating your master bath right away.


Because it gives good ROI

Like any other renovation, your return on investment will depend on how good of a job you do. Make poor choices or do shoddy work and your reno likely won’t pay off. But make smart updates and you could see an average of a 70.1 percent return – one of the higher returns for reno project, according to the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, which takes the pulse of renovations nationwide every year. That potential ROI is based on a spend of $19,134 for a “non-upscale” remodel. (Their upscale remodel of $61,662 yields an average return of 56.2%.)

Do some of the work yourself, get great deals on materials, and find other cost-cutting measures, and your ROI will be even greater. Also, if you’re turning a tiny shower into a large, luxurious one, adding a soaker tub to a bathroom that was missing a tub altogether, or turning a one-vanity space into a two-fer, you could be creating a space that will help attract buyers instead of turning them off. A bad master bath can make your home sale a bust.


Because you can do a lot of it yourself

Speaking of DIY, how handy are you? If your answer is, “not very,” you can still have a hand in doing some of your own updates, which will give you an added dose of pride and save you some cash. While plumbing and electrical are probably not going to be on your agenda if you’re not skilled in those areas, perhaps you can lay some new tile or at least do some demolition of the old, ugly stuff you’ve been wanting to get rid of forever.


Because you deserve to enjoy it before someone else does

Like we said…getting in there and updating your bathroom means you get first crack at the gorgeous new walk-in shower instead of turning the house over to somebody else as soon as the updates are done. It’s just not fair that you finally have the bathroom of your dreams, and you won’t get a chance to use it.


Because it’s easier than redoing your kitchen

We’re not saying you shouldn’t redo your kitchen. Especially if you’re going to sell your home sometime soon, you’re going to want to look into that. But your home (presumably) only has one kitchen, which can make renovations a huge hassle if you’re planning to live there while they’re being made. If you have more than one bathroom, you’ll still have a place to shower, shave, and shampoo, even if your master bath is a construction zone for a while. The dust is also typically less intrusive with a master bath reno because it’s not an open space like the kitchen, which makes it easier to stay put while the work is being done.

Source: 4 Reasons To Redo Your Master Bath – Realty Times

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