CONGRATULATIONS to my Seller on the Closing of his Long Time Home, and one of the Earliest Built Homes in Madison Heights!

I am Beyond Grateful for the Opportunity to be involved in the Sale of your Long Time Home!! Your Confidence in my Skills, your Patience, your Cooperation, and your Support are All Deeply Appreciated!! This was a Challenging, Taxing Transaction where we were faced with many Obstacles. But working as a Team, We Made It!!

A Huge Round of Applause, and Many Kudos and Thanks to Robert Hibbert, Buyer’s Agent! It was a Genuine Pleasure to work with an Exceptional Real Estate Professional like Yourself!! Gotta Love it when Everyone Works Together to get the job done! Especially in such a Complicated and Challenging Deal as this was!! I look forward to working with You Again!!

My Deepest Appreciation goes out to All of the People in the Madison Heights City Administration that worked Tirelessly behind the scene to bring this Deal to a Successful End! I will Always be Deeply Grateful for Your Efforts and Hard Work!! Without it, we would not have achieved our desired Goal!!

Thank You and Congratulations to Everyone Involved!!

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