Yes, we have just wrapped up the holidays and the traditional Spring Real Estate Market seems so far away. But its not!

The Market has picked up in many areas and prices are on the rise. Quality homes are now seeing multiple offers.

So, how do you increase your odds of being the offer chosen?

Start preparing now! Talk with your Realtor, some friends or family members.

Do some homework and find a Mortgage Professional. Be sure to find one that is familiar with your local market and that is easy to contact.

Once this is done, get Approved! Don’t waste your time or your Realtor’s time until this critical step has been taken.

Take the extra time and make the extra effort. It will pay off in the end. An Approved Buyers offer will carry considerably more weight than that of someone who isn’t. Plus, an Approved Buyer is a prepared Buyer. They understand the type of mortgage they will be working with, its requirements and limits.

By accomplishing this task now, you will increase your odds of having your offer accepted over others dramatically!