Well here we go again.

Today I was responding to an inquiry made by email about several listings. No big deal here, I do this all the time.

Things seemed to moving along well and without issue. And then the inquiring party asked about the neighborhood. And I’m not talking about the resale value of homes in the area. Oh no, not that question!

I understand why it is asked but we all know what the answer is. I am sorry but I can’t answer that question. We as Brokers and Agents are prohibited by Law and our Code of Ethics from answering that question. And if we did, we could face serious fines, penalties, and even loose ones license.

I recommended alternative resources where they could possibly find the information they were questioning about. Unfortunately, this particular person didn’t seem to care and quickly dismissed me because there are plenty of Agents out there that are not afraid of answering a simple question.

Wow, if they do find an Agent that is willing to violate something as serious as this, what else would that Agent be willing to turn a blind eye to? A word of advice, Buyer Beware!

For all future Prospective Buyers, Please don’t ask this question. And if you do ask, please understand why we cant answer it. I/We are simply doing our jobs and playing by the rules.